Christmas at Crawfords, Experience a Whole New World!

Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year! The magic starts in mid-October and by early November, there’s a whole new world at Crawfords. While the rest of the world is grey, we’ve got almost 4,000 square feet of exciting Christmas colour. Stunning outdoor greens arrangements in twelve exciting themes, greens for DIY, the largest selection of fresh wreaths and garlands, indoor decor, berries twigs and more!

Indoor and Outdoor Decorating

We’ve got all the decorations you could want – for inside and outside your home! Spruce up every room in your house during the holidays with our ornaments and decor.  As well, beautiful, fresh evergreen Christmas arrangements perfect for inside and out, fill every corner of our store

Outdoor Arrangements - Choose from Ours or Make Your Own

Christmas is the perfect time to create an outdoor arrangement. These beautiful arrangements can be enjoyed by all your Christmas guests, and by you throughout the winter months.

Our fresh evergreen hanging baskets and arrangements welcome everyone to your home during this festive season.  After the holiday season, many people simply remove the ribbons and enjoy the colour until spring. For those who like making their own fresh green arrangements, Crawfords has absolutely everything you’ll need from start to finish. And Christmas is never complete without the traditional poinsettias! With today’s new varieties, the colour range is incredible and they’re offered in different sizes to suit every need.